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I'm on a mission

For centuries the birth of a new baby was considered a communal event. Still today, many cultures have customs that provide support and care for new mothers. Around the world, a mothers "lying in period" is honored by having household responsibilities alleviated so that she may take the time she needs to rest, recover from birth, and figure out this new little being. New baby has many needs, so does new mama; rest, recuperation and support.

Nobody comes out of labor well rested. Your body is in an intense state of healing. We are expected to move through day to day responsibilities while learning myriads of new skills on little to no sleep. Parenting comes instinctually but at the same time requires a lot of learned skills. 

  Just thinking about it can be overwhelming! You don't have to navigate all of this on your own. 

Many new mothers have told me they couldn't really 'let go' and get into the deep restorative sleep she so desperatly needed when she was responsible for her infant. 

I'm on a mission to change that one mama at a time. 

I will take superb tender loving care of your most precious baby while you get the sleep you need to heal yourself 

so you can heal your baby. 

What to expect

Postpartum healing is no joke. Whether healing from a vaginal birth or a cesarean you are in a very heightened state of healing. Not to mention the overwhelming emotional transformation of becoming a mother. The demands of a newborn and the altruism that is required to care for and feed your baby can cause some emotions you may not have expected. Sleep has been proven to be one of the key components to avoiding postpartum depression. I want to help you have the best, most optimal postpartum experience you deserve.  You can get through it...or you can thrive! 

 If baby is nursing, I will bring the baby to you when it's time for baby to nurse. If you wake up engorged, i'll have the pump/remedies ready for you. I will refill your water or  tea and bring a snack so you stay hydrated and healthy.  If baby is bottle feeding , I'll handle everything. I'll feed the baby for you the whole night so you can get a full nights rest.

I can handle washing of all bottles, breast pump and accessories. I will burp, swaddle, diaper change and soothe baby back to sleep so you can bank the necessary sleep to thrive. 

One of our most important jobs is to support mom and her partner with evidence based information about baby care. There is no judgement, expectation or unsolicited opinion from me. 



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My services

If you need additional services, please contact us in the form at the bottom of the page.

About Isis

  • Isis has completed a DONA Postpartum Doula Training in 
  • CPR - Adult, child and infant certified with American Safety and Health Institute
Isis has a background of caring for people in a sensitive position. She has many years of experience as one of the most highly sought after skin care specialists in the Bay Area. She has helped many a woman struggling with various skin issues find the confidence and strategies to heal. 

Her passion for mothering the mother integrated with her tender skillful caretaking lends a harmonious blend to her doula work. Her intention is to provide a safe and empowering space in which mother and family thrive. Isis believes that it truly does take a village to live life optimally and that it begins at birth. 

When to contact me

It's best to contact me as soon as possible. 

I prefer to work with one family at a time for continuity and energetic reasons. Because of this I only have so many spots to offer. To ensure your space in my line-up please reach out as soon as you can. I will come to you for a face to face interview to determine if it's a good fit for us all. 

What will I do exactly

My favorite question is 

"What do you need right now?" And you may not even know what that is. As a new mother/new family, you won't have to muddle through this question alone. We've got this!

My mission is to leave you feeling on top of your game - one night at a time. 

Availability and Fees

I serve San Francisco and the East Bay. I prefer to join the new family their first or second night home from the hospital. I have found that the transition home can be  tricky for mama and baby as everyone navigates their new norm (this can take awhile) 

I offer  3-4 nights a week for optimal recovery benefits for the family. 

My fee for overnights is $400.00 

References will be provided

I don't know what I would have done without sleep. Without Isis, no sleep.  I trusted my instincts to trust her and it was one of the smartest things I could have done for my sanity. Happy mama happy family. 

We love Isis! 

Christina Harris, May 2018

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